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    AN ACADEMIC SESSION represents the period commencing from the first scheduled class attended by a student to the specified time of completion of the specific course for which the student has been admitted.Every course leads to the award of a CERTIFICATE subject to the fulfillment of all the requirements.

  • FEE


    Is a facility that is provided to a student whereby he/she can make a part of the payment for the course admitted to, in monthly, quarterly & SEM installments.


    A demo card is issued, a student who wish to satisfy with ambient of education in institution and methodology, may take 3 days demo classes paying Rs-100 demo class fee giving Valid ID proof for that.libero. Morbi sit amet sodale


    A student will be given feedback form after 4 days class. A student may write suggestion, behavior approach of faculty, lab and theory classes on Feedback form. Institute will evaluate if found anything wrong & will improve as per quality building policy.


    A student will be given life time card, for repeata ion, revising and placement purpose. Student may revise his syllabus time to time without paying any cost having life time card, form our braches too. Life time card will be issued after paying full payment of course fee as per terms of condition. Life time card is non transferable to any individual, after placement card will be automatically canceled.



    Admission, in any course is defined by duration, content, fee and terms and condition of institution must by abide by students.Admission to any course is based on the institute�s eligibility norms as defined from time to time and the institute reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant without assigning any reason whatsoever.


    Gmind has vivid policy in terms of fee waiver , a student who is economically weak or living under BPL, may be the beneficiary of fee waiver policy on time to time. Institute has right to postpone, differ, cancel the scheme without any notification. .

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    A student may take readmission if he fails to attend classes in prescribed course duration in academic session, witoght informing institution, a readmission fee is chargeable depending of course and seat availability in particular batch.

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    As per Course a student will acknowledge, Fee, installment, Fine as per institution, in given time after taking admission.An installment Fee slip is issued to the student on registration, which carries all the details of Installment Fee Payment. A valid ledger No will be issued to student where his detail of fee will be mentioned. For fee clearance student will have to tell ledger no and slip to for forwarding form and examination

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    Identity Cards are issued to the students on registration. An Identity Card is valid only if it contains the student�s name and address. Starting date and ending date (if applicable) the course he/she is admitted to along with a recent specified photograph and is dully stamped and signed by an authorized signatory.Student will not be allowed to appear in an examination if he/she is unable to produce his/her identity card. In case of loss of Identity Card, a duplicate Identity Card will issued on a written application and against a payment of Rs. 50/-.

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    Each course is composed of different Modules. Course module consists of theory and practical classes each day on balance time as 45 min theory and 45 min practical depending on length.Course has grooming activity as projector classes, video session, online practice module, Month progress report(MPR) test (GTR) Growth test report, teacher�s daily assessment , Quality Check(QC) as per students and course.Each course is conducted according to pre-defined course targets which are communication to the students through the Notice Board. These targets define the date, time and venue of all major activities during the course.

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    The course academic activities are of two types: (a) Lectures and Practical (b) Tests, Examinations and Evaluations Lectures and practicals are conducted in the class room & Labs by a team of qualified faculty members as per-predefined schedule. The academic schedule is divided. Into sessions of 45 min to 1.30 hours each unless specified otherwise. The Module with a detailed session-wise breakup is informed to the student upon commencement of the Module. The tests and examinations are conducted periodically as follows:- Final Examinations at the end of the course.

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    Result of the final evaluation will be available to students in a minimum of 20-30 calendar days after the date of the examinations and the certificates will be issued subsequently after the end of the course. No additional payment is to be made for receiving a certificate from the Institute. Appropriate Certificates are awarded to the students who secure above or equal to 40% aggregate marks in the Final Examinations or on the average of the Module Examinations. Students who fail to secure the required marks are not issued a certificate, but can apply for a re- examination..

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    SGmind publish its own course study material. Now we have polished FOUR books till now which has been written by our expert faculty is extract what should be read keeping in view of examination. Books have given below�CCC MODEL PAPER: PUBLIHSED IN 2014 DCA PLUS: PUBLISHED IN 2015 PRACTICAL GRAMMAR: PUPLISHED IN 2014 CCC (COURSE ON COMPUTER CONCEPTS) PUBLISHED IN 2015


    In order to become a member of the Library a student�s is required to pay a refundable caution deposit of Rs.300/- The membership of the library is not transferable to any other individual. All students who are members of the library can borrow only one book at a time for a maximum duration of 7 days (inclusive of holidays). After this period, if a student�s has not returned the book then he/she will be levied a fine of Rs. 5/- per day after due date. If this time period is more than 21 days. The caution deposit will be impounded along with the total amount.


    Gmind will encourage student who are showing their strong reprsentation in terms of wisdom , shcolarship will be given to them if the deserve and explore the criteria


    Facilities and Management

    institute has responsibility to provide student basice aminities as internet, water, toelit, study matarial, icard, and online clases if applicable.


    GMIND has scholarship program for those student who is talented, and having passion to generated extraordinary result in their course examination.We appreciate & promote unconditionally that student who performed best; generally scholarship is given student who has got A grade in Digital literacy courses Gmind has given to scholarship 300 students who has performed in their respective exam. .


    Any student seeking a transfer must submit an application with the required documents to the centre-in-charge along with the deposit of transfer fees which are as follows: Centre Transfer Rs.200/- PRIME TIME-300(IF AVILABLE) (not attended any classes) Centre Transfer (Attended classes) Rs.200/- PRIME TIME-350 (IF AVILABLE) (not attended any classes)


    Student may take refund within 3 days of trial classes only loss of 100 rupees after than no cancelation will be valid:Course Fee is not refundable under any circumstances.Library Deposit is refundable on completion of the course after clearance is received from the relevant authority. .


    GMIND�s guarantees job service attempts to place every student under its preview. This guarantee is available to students of specific �job Guarantee Courses� only. However, other students may also apply for the job.The students: a) Should have successfully completed XII/ INTER and be able to produce Proof of the same. b) Should have registered for placement by filling the placement registration Form.The students may register for placement any time during the continuation of the course.a) The student pursuing �Job Guarantee� courses should fill up and submit the �Placement Request Form� latest by a month from the very date of Course completion. .


    Machine test and self presentation will be conducted before sending a candidate for an interview. Candidate has to score minimum 40% marks in machine tests and present himself/herself to the complete satisfaction of the Placement cell. Candidate will be given 3 consecutive chances for the same. if the student/candidate fails to qualify 3 times. Consecutively, the job Guarantee will stand cancelled.90% attendance is compulsory for job-guarantee. .



    We conduct two mode of examination Online Off line- Offline:During the course, every student is evaluated through theoretical andPractical examinations. Marking system is as follows:Written Exam (as per Paper in Course Module) 100 mark Practical Exam (as per Paper in Course Module) 100 markProject Report/Work: 100 Mark, Internal Assessment: 50 Mark .



    Applying for a re-examination for a maximum of two times after the Final Examinations with a non-refundable fee of Rs.300/- in each case.Generally Examination is conducted in institute as per Every Month 15th if it fall Sunday, it goes on 16th of each month of all crash courses according to academic session. .



    Gmind has setup its braches on its given course module, all branches will follow the norms of methodology of teaching, fee, exam and quality.Franchisee/Brach will not be taken any franchise fee except advertising stuffs which is mandatory for all braches. All branches will be given a unique branch id and web login, where they can registered their student for its course, will be able to generated admit card and evaluated their exam with our guideline.Result of online or offline will be uploaded after final scrutinize by institute thereafter student may check the same by web portal using their enrollment no which will be automatically generated while filling the form online:



    Student will be given a unique Enrollment No- on which exam will be conducted after passing The exam student can check his result status by using his enrollment by our official student�s overall performance in a course is based on the weight age Average of his/her score in each of the scheduled tests.Students will be given three attempts to qualify each module/Final Exam. If student will not able Qualify his/her respective exam then he/she will not eligible for finalCertification/Diploma. In this particular this will be description power GMIND .to provide last chance to re-appear of the same.If any student not able to qualify his/her module/Final Exam in number of given attempts.He/she will not be rewarded certificate/diploma of the institute. Only course participation certificate will issud from GMIND.In case pf printing mistake in mark sheets & final certificate due to wrong detail provided by the Franchisee. Rs.100/- & Rs. 200/- respectively will be charged for re-production of the same document



    A student is expected to maintain proper discipline and decorum, during the conduct of the course. Any student found misbehaving in the institute premises or examination hall etc. using abusing or arrogant tone in and around the center premises is liable to have his\her registration terminated, without any refund of fee, even if otherwise applicable.



    The Management of GMIND has the sole discretionary power to merge centers as and when they deem fit for the total betterment of the centers, course & students or to avail benefit of specialized manpower. The students of the so called merged Centers will have to continue as per the terms set by the Management and cannot change the Centers or ask for refund under any circumstances.




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